Change Behavior:Change Lives

June 30, 2015

I’m just curious….

Would you like to remembered for what you say?…. By everyone?  Do you want others to respond to your message and wishes?  Would it be worth your time to be a better Communicator?

Learn to connect to others’ emotions through a story.

One of the things I’ve observed and teach to others is How to Decode the Path to success. Briefly, the Path is paved with 7 major stones: Goal Setting and Planning; Establishing your Purpose; Dealing with Change; Managing your Time and Maximizing Productivity; Your Commitment to what you do; Your Attitude; and Taking Action.

Are there other major steps we could include or substitute? Probably, but that’s a discussion for another time. You have to accept my philosophy for the moment.

However, there are several tools which help us achieve the success we seek. One is how we communicate with others. One is how we persuade others. One is how we influence others. And there is ONE TOOL which helps us with these more than any other tool out there—other than winning the lottery—and that’s STORYTELLING.

Use stories to Persuade, Influence, Inspire & Engage Others to take Action. Use them to enliven your presentations, build Credibility. Stories help you Communicate with Passion and build your Team. Your leadership performance improves.


June 29, 2015

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The Squash’s Fight to Grow

June 18, 2015

A few years ago researchers at Amherst College performed a fairly simple experiment that produced some interesting results. They planted a squash seed, fed and watered the plant until it grew a squash about the size of a person’s head.

They then fit a band around the squash which was attached to instruments that would tell them how much pressure the squash exerted as it tried to grow against the constraint of the band. They expected that the squash would exert as much as 500 pounds of pressure. Sure enough, in a few weeks the squash was doing just that.

But the squash was not finished with growing. In two months it was producing 1,500 pounds of pressure. When it got to be 2,000 pounds they had to reinforce the bands.

The experiment ended with the squash pushing 5,000 pounds of pressure. But it didn’t end because the squash stopped growing. At 5,000 pounds it had broken the bands that had been measuring its force.

Further, when they cut the squash open they found it was full of incredibly dense fibers. It was the squash’s determination to grow that created the ‘muscle’ to push against its restraints. They also discovered that the plant had sent out over 80,000 feet of roots searching for the strength it needed to grow against the force holding it back.

This story was taken from a church sermon our priest delivered in May 2015. Its relevance to his message of faith is strong enough. But I’m sure it moves you as it did me with poignant levels of instruction in so many areas of life and business. We learn about its external show of strength to break the bands. We learn about its internal strength and the fiber density it developed so it could grow. Finally, we learn about the root system it created for foundational strength. I count 7 applications of this message. What do you see?

You want more happiness? Increase your level of discipline. Period.

June 1, 2015

That’s what it said. So, I read on. (A blog comment by…someone) But I liked the content as he continued to explain that we can measure our levels of happiness in all areas of life by the discipline we give to that part of life. Health, education, attitude, commitment, relationships, family, friends, and on. I examined my own levels of commitment to discipline. Some good, some not so much. That’s to be expected. The ones that matter the most, however, deserved a closer look. That’s what I’d encourage you to do. And pass this along to your friends, clients, family.

The author says the two are so closely linked that movement up or down yields immediate results. And sure enough just examining my own situation, he’s right. One of my clients has been re-committing her sales generation activities by doing something you might not feel is a sales-related activity. She reads more. The topics are specifically related to her activities with clients: expected results, anticipated challenges her clients might have, google research on related but somewhat tangential topics, and more. She’s in wealth management.

So when there’s a downtime, nothing scheduled, no ringing phone, instead of pumping emails or some other non-essential activity she’s reading. And Mr. Google has helped her find some interesting topics  she can take to clients. Information she can share with a client about their industry. This is where it’s about the Happiness:Discipline equation. Discipline to do the next thing. Discipline to build her business. Discipline to help a client in an unexpected way. Discipline to grow her relationships. What will you do?

Deliver Your Message: See the Results

May 18, 2015

Stories can Change behavior…You Can Change Lives.

In one form or another what do each of us seek in our daily business lives?

Answer: Motivate others to reach Goals, buy our product, heed our advice, take a new direction, create energy. Each of them is best accomplished by uniting an idea with an emotion. Telling a story is that connector.

Persuasion is the business activity that is central to every level of success. Customers so they buy your product. Employees so they support your changes. Investors for clarity on why they should invest with you. Partners to agree to the next deal and sign up with you. Most executives struggle to communicate their intent, much less inspire someone to go along with them. They rely on bullet points crammed with facts and logic, PowerPoints (they read each word!), memos, corporate-speak and the continuum of other ineffective efforts. The audience is confused, at best, over the message.

Become an effective leader by harnessing stories to make your point. Toss the death-by-PowerPoint and “that’s-the-way-we-do-it” approach to persuasion. Move people through their emotions. That’s how they are motivated/persuaded to achieve goals, take actions. The story has a long history of being a successful communication tool.

Storytelling helps you win an important audience. It is a powerful tool. Through storytelling we make abstract concepts real. By creating that vision we drive culture and instill values. Paint a vivid picture of the future. That’s what makes you memorable. Your life and career are a rich source of stories. Use them to drive your company’s purpose, goals, vision, and values. And your Success!

Learn to resonate with your audience, surprise them, connect with them, tap into emotions. Either make them mad or make them sad or make them happy, but don’t just leave them sitting there!

We need only look around us, listen and read to find stories we can adapt to our message. Read your resume, the stories are there. Write the story and make it connect to an emotion. The story should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Practice bringing your message to life with a story and watch your results soar.

What is Your Legacy?

April 2, 2015

The first lesson is Leadership and Mentoring is be a guide, tutor, coach, leader. This is where we learn to leverage our own qualities and our ability to create output by teaching and helping others. We know how Trusted Mentors will leave their mark. Sound advice, guidance, love and examples. They help with personal growth and are important in shaping a young mind.
So, we have to ask: What is our legacy? Who can we help? How can we shape the lives and futures of others? Who can we remove from a negative place? What marks are we leaving along the path for the next generation? Here’s the important thing: We may be successful, but we have an obligation to pass on what we’ve learned. It is not ours to keep. It is ours to pass on.

With mentoring you may never know how your legacy will continue to grow and influence others. Some may take 50 + years to be recognized.

When I was 11 years old it was a big deal to be in the “A” league in Little League baseball. I was fortunate enough to be there. We were returning Champs. Several of us had be on the “All Star” team. Tryouts are held each year and boys are picked for teams in the A, B & C leagues. Our coach picked a boy I didn’t think belonged on an “A” team. Somehow I had appointed myself judge. This young boy lived down the street from me. He couldn’t throw the ball out of his shadow. We could have had another boy who could really play. But the coach knew he should select him. He came from an unfortunate family situation. They struggled with everything. The self-esteem of everyone in the family was low. I now know after 50+ years this was one of the most important things I have ever witnessed. I now know how much it helped that boy and helped his family. I now know how wrong I was to judge that boy and to judge the coach’s choice. The coach was my Dad. He was gone by the time of my ‘awakening.’ I didn’t get to tell him how proud I was of this unselfish mentoring decision. I’ve told him in prayer. I am telling him now in a forum that will live in the public forever. It took 50+ years for my dense head to get it. But I’ve got it now. I’m proud of him for his legacy.

I Want, I Need, I’ve Gotta Have, I’ve…..

March 26, 2015

This question could shed some light on the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I know you are ready for your life to be different…You want:
• to have more money
• to lose more weight
• to find the love of your life
• to experience great success
• to fully and completely express yourself creatively
• and anything else that you may be looking for…
Now here’s the question that is so important to your success: I know you are ready, but are you WILLING to be different? The key is that to have a different life, YOU must be different. There isn’t another way. What you have in your life won’t change unless you change
• How you make decisions
• How you handle success
• How you handle failure and mistakes
• How you handle your time
• How you set up boundaries
• How you value yourself
• What you consistently focus on
• How you translate the things that happen in your life
If you are waiting for your life to change from the outside, you are going to wait forever. So, I’ll ask you again…Are you WILLING to be different?
(this is from a blog, whose name I lost long ago, but I give them credit)

Success Formula, Act on it Now

March 8, 2015

SUCCESS. And, this is one of the formulas on how to get there.
All of us can use some fresh ideas on the ‘Success-thing’ and I hope this will be one for you. It comes from a book entitled “Three Feet From Gold” by Lechter & Reid. If you don’t have that book/CDs get off the couch now and go get it. Here’s the formula:
(((P+T) x A) x A) x F= Success. So this is it: Your Passions, plus your Talents, multiplied by your Associations (people and/or organizations), multiplied by the Action you take, multiplied by Faith (in yourself and a Greater Power) will help you discover your life’s purpose.
Discover your life’s purpose and your success follows. One other key on the road to success: Don’t quit, don’t ever quit. Never. Don’t stop setting Goals, don’t stop being optimistic, just don’t. This isn’t fairy dust. All successful people have had terrible times. Don’t quit. Who is your guarantee?…YOU are. And, I’ll help you get there.
Share this with your co-workers, employees, bosses, family, friends, suppliers, customers. Ed

Bold Step To Success

February 22, 2015

A litmus test for centering your Attitude
One of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves is, “Am I a fountain, or a drain.” There is precious little good news in the media today. If we stay wired to TV newscasts we’ll be in a foot race for the ledge of a tall building. The question means that we have options. Choose wisely is the caution.
We learn that along the way that we should be asking ourselves questions like: “What would I do, if I could do anything in the world, and knew that I could not fail?” And we find that however we answer that question, the response we will get is: “then do it anyway.” Whether you have a guarantee or not, do it anyway. Why? Because you are your own guarantee! When we accept responsibility for our success and acknowledge that silver bullets don’t exist, then we’ve raised our game to that of successful people. What determines our level of effort? Whether we will get up after we’ve been knocked down? Whether we will try when we’ve been told we can’t do something? Again the answer is: ATTITUDE!

Newton’s Law of Motion, for a Company that is

February 19, 2015

Invisible forces are at play in organizations when a change of direction is in the wind. Larger businesses require more time, effort, and resources to change direction. We find that human nature is a powerful force when working in organizations. Fear, skepticism, and the avoidance of pain or discomfort are usually the causes for resistance to change. If you have ever seen a mule resist being urged to move, the effects of change can cause people in the organization to make mules look tame. The fight is on. Excuses flowing. Heels dug in instead of embracing it. Human nature at work.
So, how do we address these human factors? Make the changes. I find that resistance eases with knowledge and information. We communicate, engage people and spread the agenda throughout the organization. There are formal communication channels and then there are the ‘best’ communication channels…the informal. Find the right team members who are the mainstays in that informal channel. Get them on your team. And, when the boss has absolute clarity on where she’s going, the staff all of a sudden is motivated, on the team, alert. Funny how that is…


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