Moore Exposure’s Testimonial for Ed Gideon and ActionCOACH


Moore Exposure, LLC

Promotion Specialists and Advertising Solutions


215 Williams St., Fayetteville, NC 28301

(910) 486-8021        FAX (910)486-7888



June 18, 2009

Dear Ed,

Wow, we have had a great day!!!!

Month-to-date, we are up in sales and in gross profit.    Considering that we had no phones or Internet for three days during the move, I could not be any happier.

The contact sheets went over great.    Priscilla went crazy and called everyone she has worked with in recent history and got lots of new quote requests and several orders.  Now Sharlae wants to follow her lead. 

Maybe you have already worked your magic?????

We are having a sales meeting on Friday.  I have hired a college student to come greet customers and answer the phones so we can meet uninterrupted.    I am going to tell my team about the Christmas bonus we will give if they hit the annual sales goal you and I set.

I am also going to kick off the 10-spot reward.   For this first time, I plan to give everyone a 10-spot for something they have done well recently.  Lord knows they all deserve it after what we have been through.

My side of the house is fascinated with the coaching thing.  They ask lots of questions about what you and I are doing, and they seem to have really bought into making positive changes so that Moore Exposure can continue to grow.

Thanks for everything.  I look forward to our next meeting and what we can achieve over the next few months.



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