Nationwide Insurance’s Testimonial for Ed Gideon and ActionCOACH



Sharon Tolar Eaton

Tolar Agency Inc.

2823 Raeford Road

Fayetteville, NC  28303


November 3, 2009

Dear Coach Ed,

We started coaching in April 2009. Through our efforts, in that short period of time, my business is poised to receive one of our largest bonuses ever for production and retention. With your guidance we have developed our goals, plans, systems, TEAM and profits.

You have made sure we set goals and that we plan for success. We focus on business building activities. You have been a great friend and confidant. Sometimes you aren’t very NICE, but you always have my best interest in mind. I have appreciated your confidence in me and that you have helped me grow in my business. As you know my father started this agency in 1974 and I have owned it for 5 years, since 2005. We look forward to growing it to new levels. Your assistance and attention have been PRICELESS.  You keep me going forward and staying focused on the task at hand.

Thanks Coach. Thanks for helping me know I can realize my dreams. Thanks for showing us how we can succeed in tough economic times. I look forward to 2010 and beyond.


Sharon Eaton


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