Brad Sugars recent posting in his Blog, worth sharing

Brad is the founder and Chairman of my company. He has some great things to say here. Please read them. Ed

Something everyone in every industry has to keep in mind as they do business is that there are lots of choices out there. You can have a side of fries or a baked potato. Clothes have evolved from one pair of plain and simple pants to flared jeans, skinny jeans, wide-leg trousers, pleated pants, streamlined pants…the list goes on and on. Even the number of colors of crayons to choose from has gone from eight colors to a plethora of colors, as this chart shows.

Consumers can choose you or one of your competitors. That’s why it’s important to keep ahead of the competition by knowing your industry, having something your competitors can’t offer consumers, and doing your very best in your business, so you are successful.

You have a choice as a business owner: to be a failing business, an okay business, or a successful business, where you’re doing what you love and are happy. And likewise, consumers have a choice of which product to buy and which company to transact with.

Especially in this recession, there’s been even more competition to stay in business. If you’re a business owner struggling to keep a competitive edge, consider hiring a business coach to discover strategies you might not have thought of before. Take our business health check to find out if you should check out a free business coaching session.

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