Learn from an Olympian

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics is today. Top-notch athletes from around the world gathered in Vancouver to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Lindsay Vonn, an Olympic favorite competing in the alpine ski event, who took home two gold medals in last year’s World Cup, spoke to the Today Show earlier this week. One of the things she said was she had to sacrifice a lot and miss out on a lot of things growing up, including her high school prom, to be able to achieve her goal of being a top-performing athlete and making it to the Olympic games.

Olympic athletes are an excellent example of commitment. They all really want to get to the games. They all really want to go for the gold, and bring that gold medal home. They work every day to achieve their goal one day. There is no break — they are constantly striving and working harder and harder…and all for one goal: to be an Olympic champion.

What are your business goals? What can your business work harder to achieve?

If every entrepreneur, business owner and CEO behaved like an Olympic athlete when it came to achieving goals. they’d have achieved their goals already…and then some.

Business coaching can Help business owners behave like Olympic athletes, and really buckle down to achieve their goals. Need help narrowing down your ultimate business goals? Take this Business Health Check for guidance.

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