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Goals, Dreams & Planning

April 23, 2010


“As within, so without” is close to the biblical text  that says you will receive back your inner thoughts and feelings. The Universe reflects your energy back to you. So if we are going to change our lives, we have to change your energy.

Earl Nightengale’s quote is “You become what you think about most of the time”. To change your energy and the direction of your life events you must change your perspective. Your attitudes about the details of your life determine the tone of your daily existence. Your attitudes generate your emotions, which are reflected back to you in your life.

Here’s the magic pill you’re looking for: when something negative happens we must immediately think of a positive thing, event, thought to get us back on track. Don’t wallow in the negative. You’ve probably already proven that it doesn’t help. Here’s the tough one: nobody else cares. You are the only one who can get yourself back on track. So do it.

Goals, Dreams & Planning

April 22, 2010

Awareness is the first step to change.  We are taught and exposed to a wide variety of lessons every day. We get to choose what we want to do with each new awareness or lesson. There are 2 things you can do with your brainpower: spend it or invest it. Guess which one is the preferred action? Invested lessons payoff in knowledge and increased prosperity and joy. Decide today to invest your greatest asset, time, in learning things that will bring you closer to your Goals and desires.

Dreams, Goals, Plans

April 19, 2010


Our self-worth and our self-talk are exceptionally valuable to how we are perceived and how we move toward our goals. I read something recently that I have quoted below. It summarizes the importance of our self perceptions.

“We each possess a specific, unique, irreplaceable value to those in our lives and to people with whom we come in daily contact. We usually don’t realize the impact we have on other’s lives, but we all effect each other. It is absolutely imperative that we recognize the value of the contribution we each have to offer.

When you begin to value yourself and what you offer, people will see a change in you, so be ready for a reaction from them. Those who seek to control you will feel threatened, and might attack your newfound self-esteem. People will also become attracted to your new energy, and will change the way they interact with you.”

Start now to see yourself as the valuable asset you truly are and as the person people want to meet.

Dreams, Goals & Planning

April 17, 2010

When daily events knock you off balance re-group, focus on your end results and renew your efforts. Tough to do isn’t it? Yep. But the alternative is to stew in a helio of negative and non-productive activity. It could take a day or half day to work your way out the funk. If it goes longer than that, then your goals simply are not strong enough. They have to be the biggest pull on you. Get your ‘Why’ big enough and the ‘what’ and ‘how’ don’t matter.

Dreams, Goals and Planning

April 16, 2010

Do you want more from your career, business, or from life in general? The way to insure your future is to create it now.

The first step in creating your future is to know your goals. Get absolute clarity on what you want. It’s not that difficult to do. Then write it (them) down and  read them daily. They will become the beacons that guide your thoughts and actions.

Once we focus on our goal, the challenges begin. We must possess the strength to allow change, the vision to recognize the opportunities that are presented to us, the wisdom to see the good opportunities, and the courage to act on them. The process is not difficult.

April 14, 2010

Here are a few thoughts I have run across recently. They are about goals and planning. Work on them.

This can seem like an inescapable paradox, but when we get to the heart of the matter, the entire situation becomes clear. First, you must be clear about what you want from your life, because your desires and goals will direct your decisions and actions. When faced with a big decision, keep your goals clear in your mind. Think about which choice will bring you closer to your goals.

When you’re focused on a goal, you define the direction of your life, so any decision you make will bring you closer to your goal. The difference then becomes, which path will bring you to your goals more directly and gracefully? Which path will be more fun, challenging and rewarding for you to travel?

When we consider the future, we tend to imagnine in general feelings about the big picture of what we think our life will be like. An idea about the future can be very attractive when considered from our present moment, but the tiny details of every day life affect us, so more precise consideration of the future is necessary.

Imagine your life three months, then one year after making each choice. Focus on the details of your daily routine. What are your daily challenges? Do you thrive on overcoming them? Do you loose yourself in what you’re doing? Do you connect with others? Are you contributing to your cause? Does each day bring you closer to reaching your goals? What are the possible final outcomes of each choice? What are some possible obstacles that you didn’t expect, that might be a huge hindrance to you on a daily basis? Our attitude toward the daily details can make all the difference in our lives.

Dreams, Goals & Planning

April 5, 2010

  There is one way to live the life you desire, reach the dreams you’ve always had and enjoy the success you seek. And that is by building a plan to go after the goals and dreams you have set for yourself. Counting on the lottery may not be the best idea. There is an easier way. Here is an excerpt from an article by Quentin Danziger that you focus on why goals and a plan are important: “It is important to know what you want, because life will deliver it to you. If you are not clear on your ultimate long-term goals, you will drift with the tide of life, always reacting to what it brings, defending yourself against its onslaught, directionless, a raft in an ocean.”

Dreams, Goals & Planning

April 2, 2010

I was asked, “what is the motivation from your workshops on Goals?” My response was something to the effect that if I have to motivate you, then I must care more about your life than you do. Later I re-thought that response and told them that it wasn’t motivation I hoped to achieve as much as focus, clarity and a desire to succeed. Maybe they are components of motivation. Whatever they are I want those who attend my workshop to have several ‘Aaa Haa’ moments. We focus on finding and creating abundance. 

When you consciously focus on your future each day, your attitudes build momentum, until they reach a critical mass and appear in your life.