Dreams, Goals, Plans


Our self-worth and our self-talk are exceptionally valuable to how we are perceived and how we move toward our goals. I read something recently that I have quoted below. It summarizes the importance of our self perceptions.

“We each possess a specific, unique, irreplaceable value to those in our lives and to people with whom we come in daily contact. We usually don’t realize the impact we have on other’s lives, but we all effect each other. It is absolutely imperative that we recognize the value of the contribution we each have to offer.

When you begin to value yourself and what you offer, people will see a change in you, so be ready for a reaction from them. Those who seek to control you will feel threatened, and might attack your newfound self-esteem. People will also become attracted to your new energy, and will change the way they interact with you.”

Start now to see yourself as the valuable asset you truly are and as the person people want to meet.


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