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Goals, Dreams and a Plan

May 25, 2010

We all have goals and desires, and we all have the same 24 hours each day to achieve them. What then, is the difference between someone who reaches their goals and someone who is lost in endless struggle? 

Organization – it is important to follow a plan. 

Clear Goals – Have absolute clarity about what you want. It is important to have a clear definition of what success means to each of us personally. The Goals themselves must be specific and clear. Follow SMART for setting your Goals.  

Define the details of your success both emotionally and logically. Imagine yourself after you’ve achieved success and focus on how you feel. 

Mindset – Positive and determined. Serious, but not grim. You must set your mind to the fact that you will reach your definition of success. When you imagine yourself surrounded by the details of your success, you are defining your future.

Persistence – We cannot let anything stand in our way. Get up when you are knocked down, and you will be.

Self-Motivation – No one can achieve success for us. Only you can organize your energy into the details of a plan, then act to accomplish it in the face of your own resistance. The fundamental challenge is to overcome ourselves.

These are six fundamental personal characteristics that will make you a success. Incorporate them into your own life. You will instantly begin to see a change in the grace and synchronicity in your life.

 (taken in part from a newsletter called Human Hints Daily)

Goals and Plans…with a farmer’s touch

May 21, 2010

The other day a client said, “Coach, what’s this sub-conscious mind stuff? Does it really work  and produce results?” Ofcourse it does and the results are positive or negative, whichever one you put into your mind.

Here’s a way to look at it. If a farmer has land that is properly fertilized, tilled, watered and cared for what can he plant in the field? Corn, tomatoes, peas, wheat?…yep, how about nightshade? Yep, you can plant that too. Know what it is? Poison. The point being that the land doesn’t know the difference. It will give back to you whatever you plant in it.

So, could it be that your mind is like the farmer’s land? You got it, your sub-conscious is exactly like the land. Plant positive things and you will receive them back. Why the heck would you dwell on the negative anyway? Doesn’t make you feel very good, does it?

Actions that go with Goals

May 19, 2010

Here are two quotes that underscore the importance of Actions to go along with your great dreams, Goals and Plans. If you do these, pass them along to your family, friends, employees, boss, etc., you will be amazed at the positive results that begin to come your way.

:………“Success in life is in direct proportion to what you do after you do all that you are required to do.” (work, home, play, …every phase of life)

“Always do more than you are paid for, to make an investment in your future.”  It’s like making deposits now for your future.

Goals & Planning: the Effects of Change

May 14, 2010

I recently read the following paragraph about CHANGE. When change is faced with Goals in place the results are less stressful. I encourage you to seek out changes, go looking for them. Find ways to get out of your comfort zone: “One of the main reasons we have stress in our lives, is that we resist change.  Without change, there would be no life cycle, and the three dimensional Universe would not exist. Yet our natural tendency is to resist change, and we often direct all of our considerable life force at keeping things the way they are, just because we’re used to it. We’re comfortable when there are no surprises in our lives. It can be scary to let go and step blindly into the unknown. This is when we must rely on our belief in our own ability to create what we ask for, and to receive abundance from the Universe.”

Goals, Dreams, Planning

May 9, 2010

Jim Rohn says: “It is possible to design and live an extraordinary life.”  I want to stress  that the keys in this phrase are  ‘design and live’ . We are not at the mercy of others. 

You are the only person who truly influences your future.

You join the top 10% of people when you attend my Goals & Planning workshop. As a result of the workshop you join the top 3% because you write down your goals and build a plan. 

Would you like to know what it takes to be in the top 2%?

Every hour of every day you work on high value tasks all day long, when no one is watching you.

All other people must have supervisors and the cost of supervising them is taken out of their pay in one form or another. They don’t earn as much because someone has to watch them.

So which level of achievement do you want.

Are you letting your business grow?

May 2, 2010


At Action Coach, we have a definition for a true business:  A commercial, profitable enterprise that works – without the owner!
Many business owners are taken back and even offended by this definition.  Others say it is a great concept but not realistic.  A few get it.  Please, set aside your “knowledge” and pre-conceived ideas for a moment, and find this “interesting”.  Once you “get this”, it opens your business mind to a whole new world.

If you own a business that works profitably and consistently without you, what kind of business is it?  Is it strong?  Is it stable?  Is it attractive?  Is it worth more than a business that demands that you be there for it to function?

If you own a business that does not work consistently and profitably without you, what kind of business is it?  At the point you HAVE to be there for it to work, that is the point of vulnerability, because if you can’t be there, the business starts to fail.  What if you don’t always want to be there?  If it doesn’t work consistently and profitably without you, then you can’t ever leave.  And that’s ok for the first few years, until you start to burn out or at least get bored.  Then as you slip (you are a human being, not superman or superwoman), the business slips.  The thing that excited you and brought you such great joy has become a cage.

I love my business and my customers.  I feel certain that most of you do as well.  That presents a problem.  Parents deeply love their children, as they should.  That presents a problem.  They sometimes don’t want them to grow up.  Business owners that have nurtured and cared for their businesses often don’t want to let it grow up, and that is not healthy.  Your business wants to grow up.  There are 6 steps to make it happen:  Mastery, Marketing, Systems, Team, Synergy, Results.  Call me and let’s talk about how you can grow your business and set it free – free to provide you with money and time and value and joy and life.  It can happen.  I see it every day.

Think about it – “A commercial profitable business that works without you”.