Goals, Dreams, Planning

Jim Rohn says: “It is possible to design and live an extraordinary life.”  I want to stress  that the keys in this phrase are  ‘design and live’ . We are not at the mercy of others. 

You are the only person who truly influences your future.

You join the top 10% of people when you attend my Goals & Planning workshop. As a result of the workshop you join the top 3% because you write down your goals and build a plan. 

Would you like to know what it takes to be in the top 2%?

Every hour of every day you work on high value tasks all day long, when no one is watching you.

All other people must have supervisors and the cost of supervising them is taken out of their pay in one form or another. They don’t earn as much because someone has to watch them.

So which level of achievement do you want.


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