Goals and Plans…with a farmer’s touch

The other day a client said, “Coach, what’s this sub-conscious mind stuff? Does it really work  and produce results?” Ofcourse it does and the results are positive or negative, whichever one you put into your mind.

Here’s a way to look at it. If a farmer has land that is properly fertilized, tilled, watered and cared for what can he plant in the field? Corn, tomatoes, peas, wheat?…yep, how about nightshade? Yep, you can plant that too. Know what it is? Poison. The point being that the land doesn’t know the difference. It will give back to you whatever you plant in it.

So, could it be that your mind is like the farmer’s land? You got it, your sub-conscious is exactly like the land. Plant positive things and you will receive them back. Why the heck would you dwell on the negative anyway? Doesn’t make you feel very good, does it?

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