Goals, Dreams and a Plan

We all have goals and desires, and we all have the same 24 hours each day to achieve them. What then, is the difference between someone who reaches their goals and someone who is lost in endless struggle? 

Organization – it is important to follow a plan. 

Clear Goals – Have absolute clarity about what you want. It is important to have a clear definition of what success means to each of us personally. The Goals themselves must be specific and clear. Follow SMART for setting your Goals.  

Define the details of your success both emotionally and logically. Imagine yourself after you’ve achieved success and focus on how you feel. 

Mindset – Positive and determined. Serious, but not grim. You must set your mind to the fact that you will reach your definition of success. When you imagine yourself surrounded by the details of your success, you are defining your future.

Persistence – We cannot let anything stand in our way. Get up when you are knocked down, and you will be.

Self-Motivation – No one can achieve success for us. Only you can organize your energy into the details of a plan, then act to accomplish it in the face of your own resistance. The fundamental challenge is to overcome ourselves.

These are six fundamental personal characteristics that will make you a success. Incorporate them into your own life. You will instantly begin to see a change in the grace and synchronicity in your life.

 (taken in part from a newsletter called Human Hints Daily)

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