Goals & Planning

Every great athlete and athletic team approaches its future with well rehearsed Goals and Plans…and a Coach.

What is this workshop?—It is about Improvement. Success. Achievement. The resource of practical tools for daily use. Tools to improve you and your life. Tools that help you embrace the greatest adventure in the Universe…the journey through a human lifetime. We develop the compass for your life, career. How can we design and guarantee the future? Answer: by creating it now! If anything is out of balance between work and life, or if you simply want more, then the ability to set and achieve Goals will resolve that challenge. We develop a plan to achieve your Goals. Get complete clarity of your path to the future. No wasted effort, nothing left to chance. Develop direction and focus for every facet of your life. Get the purpose, meaning and direction for self improvement.

Who should attend?—Individuals and business owners, military, sales, staff, those who seek success. What would it mean to learn how to get more from your life and career? Would you like to have a staff that is focused & motivated? Could their success become your success? Find those inner resources that propel you to success. Take ownership in your performance and help those around you. The Workshop and the Accountability/follow-up provide the platform for your success. Learn a simple, repeatable process that leads to success.

Why should I attend?—Your ability to set goals will determine your success more than any other skill you can ever learn! Forget yesterday’s mistakes. Put drive and passion into your life. You have a right to succeed. We learn the process of setting Goals to realize our Dreams and build a Plan to achieve them. We develop a solid foundation of how to apply Goals to our daily lives. Learn to use them and get the most from them on a daily basis, forever. Learn to Anticipate life’s challenges, not simply Accept or respond to them. This is the difference between success and mediocre performance, or even failure. Take complete charge of your life, NOW!

What to expectWork, Learning, Fun. Unlock your unique potential. Intensify your self-confidence. This is an entrance to the Success that is within you. Take complete charge of your life. You are the only one who can. Intensify your belief in yourself. Identify your special talents. Develop self-discipline and persistence to reach your goals. Dig deep to determine your ‘Why’. Without it your chances are limited. Find those dreams that excite and motivate you. Develop and live a life of vibrancy and enthusiasm. The workbook is complete with proven how-to exercises, plus reference materials that will never be out-of-date. Accountability meetings and webinars with the Coach to continue your learning. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone…but, that’s how we grow.

What do I receive in the future?Beside success? You won’t be left alone to struggle with the challenges the future may bring. Monthly accountability meetings/webinars as long as you want them, plus newsletters and email blasts of practical/usable information from the Coach. Return to any future workshops, free. Just pay the lunch fee. Do you want more from Life? If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there. Is that really how you want to live? Really? Procrastination is a silent killer. Don’t wait another minute, register NOW and accelerate your Success.


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