Goals & Planning

Several newsletters populate my email-sphere. Here is a segment from a recent one I want to share with you. It comes from Quentin Danziger and is only an excerpt from his letter. Frequently we can establish our goals, work on them, have a plan, but something just isn’t quite right. Ever had that feeling? Read on and see if this helps.

“Today we will explore how to use our imagination to align our emotions and our physical bodies toward our goal.

We know what we want. The next step is to align our emotions toward that goal. When our emotions are aligned, we become open to accept new possibilities that resonate with the way we feel.

Emotions do not know about Time. They think everything is the Now. Even if we suffered trauma a lifetime ago, the thought of the event can bring back powerful memories and cause our bodies to react as if the trauma is happening right now. If a thought about the past can affect our present bodies, so can a thought about the future.

Specifically, think about your self living in the future of your dreams. Focus on the physical and emotional sensations aroused by your new life. Make your desired future real in your mind. Imagine yourself in a situation, and focus on what it feels like. Your imagination will elicit an emotional response in your physical body, which will begin to draw your physical world toward what is in your mind.

Your body and the three dimensional world react to your thoughts. When you think about your future, the sensations and emotions are stored as vibration in each strand of DNA within each cell of your present physical body. The common vibration sets up a powerful standing wave that changes the timing and synchronicity in your life in order to bring about the future you imagine yourself living.”


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