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Goals & Plans…Change your Internal World first

August 24, 2010

Claiming your power is a personal, internal act that does not take place in the physical realm. We claim our power by shifting our outlook on life. Once we approach our lives with a different fundamental energy, the physical world will shift to reflect your new viewpoint. The attitude shifts first, then the world shifts to reflect the way we see it. We change the world by changing our attitude toward it. Our attitude toward the world defines who we are, so as we change our outlook on life, we change our selves. We claim our personal power by defining ourselves, and we define ourselves through our approach to life. Claiming your personal power is a life long pursuit. It means different things at different times because our approach changes as we grow. We are continually redefining our selves because our attitudes are always changing. Until now, our attitudes have been mostly blind reaction to what life brings. Now we know better, and we no longer have the excuse of ignorance. We know that we can consciously change our attitudes, and the more we practice the better we will get. (excerpted from a newsletter I receive on personal development)