Dreams, Goals & Planning

There are times when we provide our own obstacles, that we get in our own way. So, let’s look at the tools we unconsciously use to challenge our selves, which threaten to defeat our efforts. Know that you are worthy of getting what you want. If you could not realize your desires, you would not want them. That is huge for some people and I want you to embrace it. If you can wish/think/want it, you can do it. This isn’t fairy dust. Take the Action and you’ll fulfill your Dreams and Goals.

Our spirit does not taunt us with desires that lie outside our reach. We can each attain anything we want. Depending on our inner beliefs, we may or may not have to work hard for what we want, and it may or may not take time, but if we can want it, we can get it. Don’t be afraid of success. Success makes others uncomfortable. Those who truly love you will not hate you or manipulate you because you are successful.

Almost everyone you know will be jealous on some level, which will make them feel guilty. They will all deal with their inner turmoil differently. When they do things that might seem like lashing out, now you at least know why. Have compassion for them and be glad that you are you. Would you rather be the jealous friend or the successful friend? Don’t sacrifice your life to keep others or your self in a comfort zone. Your life is far more valuable than the price of enabling non-growth.

(I am fortunate to receive several great newsletters. The preceding was excerpted in part from one of them. Then ofcourse I added my two cents worth.) Have a great weekend.


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