Goals, Purpose, Dreams & Planning

I want to give you a prayer from Napoleon Hill and a note from his newsletter discussing the prayer. Start learning now about the ability you currently have in your subconscious to Be, Do, Have anything you want.

“Oh, Lord, I ask not for more blessings, but for more wisdom with which to make better use of the blessings you gave me at birth—the privilege of controlling and directing my own mind to purposes of my choice.”

Here’s the note from his newsletter: By reciting this prayer frequently, we are notifying our subconscious mind that we already live in abundance not lack. Since thoughts work like magnets and attract what we think about, these positive thoughts of gratitude will bring more of the same into our lives. Generally, we find what we are looking for, and when we put ourselves on notice as to the things we are grateful for in our lives, more come our way. What you think about you bring about!

It’s not any more difficult than this.


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