Self-Mentoring: Get the results you want

“People change when the pain not to change exceeds the pain to change”.

In my infantry platoon in 1972 was a soldier who thought rejection of authority was him mission in life. Let’s just say that he lost that battle. I rotated to another assignment after one year. Several months later a soldier passed me on the sidewalk, gave a crisp salute and called me by name. It was that soldier. I did not recognize him. He had a haircut, uniform was starched and he had been promoted.

We talked for a few minutes. He told me he had turned over a new leaf, he was happy  and he remembered what I had tried to teach him. He thanked me. He had decided to change.

When you make the decision to change and take Action you’ll get everything you have ever wanted.

The  Self-Mentoring workshop gives you the tools. We’ll provide information to you if you’ll contact us.


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