Self Mentor your way to Success

We reach that point where it’s time to move forward. Business hasn’t been great, you’re trying to make sales happen, no one is coming to the rescue. So, ‘if it’s going to be then it’s up to me.’ We find a certain level of self-satisfaction once the decision point is reached and we take Action. Ok, now what? Here are two things you can do to help yourself. First, get absolute clarity on what you want. Spend time defining them. Write them down. When we want something the more definition and clarity we can give it, the faster we achieve it. No fairy dust here. Second, plant the things you want into your subconscious mind. Actively do it twice daily. Our subconscious never sleeps. So let it work for you and make your wishes and dreams come true faster.

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3 Responses to “Self Mentor your way to Success”

  1. janeholt Says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes. I have to remind myself of this. Thanks Coach Ed.


  2. Les Colegrove Says:

    Excellent “stuff” Ed. A couple of your points I would like to reinforce. Decision making – It feels so good during a trough or slow time, when we get fired up and actually do something. It doesn’t have to be any great achievement, it just has to be ACTION! Likewise, putting pencil / pen / keyboard to paper as to our specific goals, objectives and aspirations, frees us to take the appropriate action.

    Best wishes to all.


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