Grow Your Business

I just left the office of a client who has booked a 35% increase in sales the first calendar quarter of 2012. Same economy as the rest of us. They increased prices in Jan. 2012 ranging from 5% to 10% so that accounts for some increase, but certainly not 35%. And in the past 3 years Jan-Mar have been THE worst months of the year. Slow to dead. How’d he do it? Glad you asked: focused on already good customer service and product quality; delivered ahead of promised times; created new products; offers new lines of products; makes more sales calls; answers all phone calls and doesn’t let them go to voice mail; training his team, has a full marketing calendar for 2012 for special events; ramped up networking; leaves an hour earlier every day than he has in the past. Find anything in there that maybe you can do too? Sure you did, all it takes is doing it.

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