Fix the Self Limiting Beliefs

“You are a female.” “You are a male.”  “You are too short.”  “You are too tall.”   “My grades weren’t good in school.” “I came from a family that didn’t have money.”

“They won’t promote me.” “I can’t…”  “I never have….” “My teacher said…”  “The coach said…” 

Most of us have something in our conscious mind that limits our success. We have been told we can’t do something. Someone said or did something that led us to believe we were not capable of _______. You fill in the blank here. The sources of our beliefs range from family to teachers, from peers to your boss, from A to Z. So start by identifying your real or imagined limits. And they are all imagined. You know what they are. Make a list now. Write them down. Then we can begin changing them. Evaluate why they are on the list. Make the commitment to change and to rid yourself of the belief that is holding you back.  


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