Sales and Selling

There are several selling techniques we can learn that enhance our ability to increase our sales. Learn the ability to ask questions, know that price is almost never the reason, realize emotions drive purchasing, and more.

Here are a couple of things we must learn first about selling. The most important person to sell is YOU. If you aren’t fully committed to your product find one you can be. Determine your Purpose (Why) and make it the driving force behind your work. Without it, we don’t have a focus, developing a drive for our work is virtually impossible and in the long run the success we seek will be fleeting.

i listened to a CD the other day that described the differences between the top and bottom performers in a company: A company had salesmen 20 years ago that made $500,000 per year and some that made $50,000. The company analyzed the top 5% and the bottom 5% of their sales staff. Here’s what the difference was:

1)   interpersonal astuteness—the top earners were very good at being able to walk the path of what the client really wanted.They knew how to relate to people.

2)    and,  the top 5% read 2 books/mo.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Jim Rohn

Get focused, learn, drive your sales.


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