Keeping Motivated

How do I stay motivated. Especially in this economy.

That’s a common theme to the questions  I get. It’s on everyone’s mind. I’m not Peter Pan, but when this rolls across your mind it’s best to focus on the things you can control. Focus on what you want to achieve, your goals. Focusing on the negative is easy. Anyone can do that.

Making it to the level of success you seek requires YOU to be in charge of the motivation thing. So how do I do that coach?

Here’s how:

SET GOALS:  Here is some very basic guidance:

  • First you must dream! Dream of everything you want, and have always wanted in every facet of your life.
  • There are no limits. Ask yourself, “What would I attempt to do, if I knew I could not fail?”  “What would I want for my life if I knew I could have it?”
  • Allow yourself to dream like you did as a child. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Brainstorm. Talk to your family, your co-workers, your Mastermind group.
  • Write your ideas down on paper and decide which ones are the most important to you. Review what you have written down on paper.
  • Now it is time to define your dream precisely.  Which of these goals are most important to you, and why?
  • On a fresh piece of paper,write down one goal at a time. Beside the heading, write down a deadline for achieving that goal. Be sure that the deadline is realistic.
  • To help achieve the long term goal, set a timeline using short term goals. For example, if your long term personal goal is to lose 60 lbs. in one year, set short term goals leading up to the long term goal.  In this example you might set short term goal to lose 5 lbs. per month.  This is an effective way  to evaluating your progress helping you to determine if you have to make changes to your action plan.
  • Get started!

DETERMINATION & FOCUS get you over obstacles and help you find success.


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