Educate, Appearance, Success

These three seem to be constantly on my radar. More education breeds a better attitude. More knowledge helps us see more possibilities. More possibilities means a better attitude. A very key ingredient to Success is Communication. It is critical to leadership as well. It can take 7 years to build a business to a place where it works for you. In that time we must recruit people who are good at getting customers for us. Now, those people can not represent you while looking like they just fell out of a box car. Education level does not give anyone a license to have a slovenly appearance. And if your face is buried in a cell phone, ipad, whatever just exactly how is that communication thing working for you? Those with limited inter-personal skills will have a very difficult time succeeding as a leader or making the sale if all you know how to do is text and can’t look someone in the eye.

So, educate someone on how to appear in the work place so they can then succeed. We can not continue accepting less and less. So we must continue demanding more and more. That, by the way, is how all successful people treat themselves. Thanks,


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