Having Challenges Overcoming Objections When Selling?

You found someone interested in your service/product. You talk to them. You ask questions. They seem interested. Then, bam, they are off the line because of some objection you didn’t see coming. What do you do? My suggestion is that when you’ve got someone in a conversation that looks like it should lead to a close of the sale that you “position” them up front. What? Positioning is where the objections are met. Where the ‘yeah but…’ is answered. So, develop a statement that tells them that the two of you will talk, answer questions, learn about each other. Then if it looks like working together will be beneficial to them, you will ask them for their business. AND, you will expect an answer at that time…today, now. Then say, “Is it alright if we proceed in that manner.” You will get all of your objections now. Before you spend a lot of time with someone who really isn’t going to buy. You won’t get objections on the back end. Try it.


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