FEAR & Self-Limiting Beliefs–How do I Overcome Them?!

I would like to get your feedback on this question. There is plenty of Fear to go around. Every media outlet is full of it. We also learned some Fears along the way: fear of ridicule, fear of failure, etc. How do we help someone deal with their Fears? Most of us just have to learn that the boogey man isn’t under the bed. The rest of it is to first identify the problem, give it a name and face it. Pretty simple to write it out, not so simple to do. I haven’t found and “easy” formula. So if you have please let me know.

Same with Self-Limiting Beliefs. It’s almost always something learned. We’ve been told we can’t do this or that. And believed it! For a long time! I had a baseball coach tell me I didn’t have any self-confidence. I was 10 or 11, heck I didn’t even know what he meant! It has stuck with me though. Only as a reminder how wrong those “others” can be. The ones we tend to listen to and trust. Maybe, just maybe they were wrong.

Let me know your thoughts on how to ‘attack’ these two situations.

And once again thank you for the book purchases. I am overwhelmed at how the sales are going.



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