Goal Setting

Let’s look at 3 levels of Goals and see if we need to re-set our own. Level One is where we remove negatives. Like “lose weight”, “get out of debt.” At Level Two we add positives. Put “I am” into your goals. Level Three includes other peole in our goals. This is where we create a legacy. It doesn’t have to be lofty, but it does contemplate doing something for or including others in our goal. Something like this could be a simple legacy goal: “I am building the best business in __(your state)__. ” It contemplates providing for others (employees) and being a quality provider of your product or service (customers). It obviously has results that benefit you. But you are not just providing for you. If we are doing something that is aimed at only ourselves, then we don’t need a very big business.

Build a Goal based on a legacy and use the Goal to filter all things that come your way. And ‘stuff’ will come your way!


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