Give the Extra Effort

You may be hearing the same comments I do about “this generation”, “that generation” just want it given to them. And “I’m not going to work overtime.” Or, “he’s just lucky and he works too much. ” I truly don’t think any generation is looking for a pass, but I do see people complain about their lack of success. And their shared trait is the lack of extra effort. Tell you what, you may want to think about working an extra hour  each day for a while, get up an hour earlier, eat lunch at your desk, until you reach the level of success you seek. The clients with whom I work are making the extra effort. They read, listen to CDs and educate themselves. They are achieving their monthly revenue goals…and those aren’t just  lap dog goals.

Unlike some people, I believe the individual business person IS responsible for building their own business and having their own success. I don’t see it being delivered by some group in a governmental setting. But it isn’t coming in with a lottery ticket. Become more by giving the extra effort, doing a little more than the other guys, working harder on yourself. It’s not really that difficult.

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