Just the Basics Ma’am, just the Basics

To paraphrase Joe Friday…you know, Dragnet(?), ok it’s a little old school, but to the point it underscores a conversation I had with a client. Without knowing they were emphasizing something I’ve been stressing to them for quite a while they said “we just need to do the basics and the rest will take care of itself.” BINGO!!! You’ve got it! You Win! Yep, that’s it.

Put some systems in place, use checklists, discipline yourself to make one more sales call, hold your employees accountable (feet to the fire). Get off the non-sense time you spend on your iPhone, internet, voicemail and buy yourself the Time you need and don’t currently seem to be Managing. Just the basics. With all due respect to the PhDers, MBAettes and others there are some truly simple, easy things we can all perform and we’ll have a good business. First, set your Goals. Second, work on them daily. Third, build your Plan to achieve your Goals (see how this  is going…?) Fourth, keep Educating yourself. Fifth, work on them daily (yep, that’s a repeat so it must have been worth it.) Sixth, enjoy your Success.

Go get some more ideas about how this works from my book:  Breakthroughs for Success. It’s on Amazon.com, website of the same name, Barnes and Noble.com, and 2 boxes in my trunk!

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