There are a lot of definitions for Gratitude. Many ways to experience it. Some spiritual. Some ethereal. Some common. I just had an experience and I am not truly certain I know where it fits. So, I’ll just tell you about it. Maybe you can help me interpret it.

I just witnessed a 20 minute ballet of 3 hummingbirds. They flew, fought, played, danced, hovered…I’m not sure what their intent was. Fun, mating, fighting, territorial, exercise?  Don’t know. One flew into another, they went to the ground(never witnessed that before) one came up, then the next one. They flew off. Fussing at each other. (I think that’s what the noise was) Only to return chasing each other. Oh, their focus was a red flower plant (?) in a hanging basket 8 feet from my front door. They ignored me! Flew by. Fussed. Flew back. Fussed. Went to the 2 feeders I had placed inside the plant. Tried to feed, only to have one of their buddies zoom in and chase them off. The dance continued!

They flew off. Landed in the trees 5 feet from me. Ignored me. I stood still, sipping my wine. Wondering what the heck I was witnessing. Then, I stopped wondering…and just enjoyed it. Twenty minutes of the most relaxing entertainment I’ve had in a while. I wasn’t even there as far as they were concerned. Their focus was on each other, the feeders, flowers, the chase…whatever. Gratitude? I am so grateful I was allowed to witness that. It was comfortable, so graceful the words aren’t there. and soothing. Thank you.

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