Get Up and Do It Again!!

Falling down or failing happens every day, in some form. A customer doesn’t buy, the prospect isn’t interested, someone cuts you off on the highway, the store is out of your brand of beer (actually that’s an emergency). Each of us will experience it. No one is immune. So, why is it that some of us seem to excel beyond the others? Why do some people just seem to have all the luck. (heard that one anywhere lately?)

It is possible to experience a long string of failures. It could last for years. So quitting and giving up could be pretty easy. Edison and Lincoln didn’t quit. Here’s a suggestion. Change our meditations and prayers from those of asking for specific things to those of gratitude. No matter the situation we’ve been given a heap of assets with which to start life. Show gratitude for them and seek to use them better. Seek to use and exploit the talents we’ve been given. Do that and watch what happens.

I have a great friend in life who was struck down with the bubonic plague in 2002. The Black Plague that killed millions in Europe in the 14th century. It almost killed him. He’s alive, but endures some serious lifetime afflictions from the illness. But there is no self-pity in him. He’s no longer hiking the mountains of New Mexico, but he sets goals every day. To read a book or learn about XYZ or whatever. It would be easy to quit and I’m not sure anyone would blame him. He just gets up and does it again, and again, and…

“… life brings everyone that which his mind dwells upon, whether his thoughts are based on fear or faith. The majority of people go through life with their mind power directed by fears and self-imposed limitations, and they wonder why life is so unkind to them.” Napoleon Hill

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