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Mentoring & a 50+ Year Lesson

October 11, 2012

How many ways and forms of mentoring, tutoring, guidance can we list? It seems to become increasingly important that we receive guidance at the correct time in our lives, days. And there is an imperious need for those who can mentor and guide. Those who can be the guide for their family, their employees, clients, you get the idea.

With the mentoring you provide, you may never know how your legacy will continue to grow and influence others. Let me give you an example that took me over 50 years to recognize:

When I was 9 or 10 years old it was a big deal to be on the “A” team in Little League baseball. I was fortunate enough to be there. The next year my Dad was my coach. During the tryouts he picked 2 people for the “A” team that I didn’t think should be there. I was embarrassed. One was my younger brother. Well,…You are allowed to have those feelings about younger siblings. The other one was a boy down the street. He couldn’t throw the ball out of his shadow. But Dad knew he should select him. He came from a very poor family. They struggled with everything. The self-esteem of everyone in the family was on the floor.

As I look at it now, it was truly sad. But Dad chose this boy to be on the A team with us. I now know it was one of the most important things I have ever witnessed. I now know how much it helped that boy and to some extent it helped his family. I now know how wrong I was to judge that boy and to judge my Dad’s actions. I now know that I wish I’d told my Dad how proud I was of him for making that mentoring decision. Dad’s gone now. But I’m proud of him for making his mentoring choice.

What will you do to leave that kind of mark on someone’s life?