Attitude, Fortitude, Gonna-do-it-itude

Ok, I don’t know what that last one means, it just goes with the message. I won’t be the first or last to write about Coach Chuck Pagano’s speech in the Indianapolis Colt’s locker room. Sunday, 11/4/2012 Coach Chuck came into the post-game locker room for a pep talk. Not so unusual except he’s been away from the team most of the season…fighting leukemia. His team had just won. Emotions were high. All were excited. And he came into the locker room and said this: (paraphrasing) “Do not be defined by your CIRCUMSTANCES, be defined by your VISION. I have circumstances. WE have VISION! I will dance at the weddings of my 2 daughters and hoist the Lombardi Trophy (winning the Super Bowl) with you guys!”

Whew!! It transcends sports and gets right into life doesn’t it. We don’t know the outcomes for him or his team. But I suggest we follow the 21st Rule from my book, Breakthroughs for Success,  “Live like you will live forever, knowing you may die tomorrow.” Vision or Circumstances, which one do you want to live in?


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