Attitude one more time


One more comment on Attitude. I guess because I see the results of Attitude every day.

We MUST ask these questions: What does my attitude affect?  What does it shape? Whom can it influence? What can it mean in my business?

I read something very good from David Cottrell that says, the longer we live and the older we get, the more evidence we have about how our attitude affects every aspect of our lives. If we look closely, we’ll find that attitude becomes the linchpin for our opportunities, our circumstances, our successes, and our failures.

It is easy to be negative isn’t it? It requires exactly ZERO effort.

On the  other hand, it takes significant work to be enthusiastic and optimistic.

And here is a huge point… attitude is NOT just a reflection of our environment.

It is a CHOICE we make. That’s IT!

We can BE and DO and HAVE the things we want. Our attitude pulls us through, not someone else’s approval.

So, when it is tough what do we do?

Well, one thing that I’m consistently asked is just that: how do I stay positive in this economic environment. Answer: your Goals have to be strong enough to pull you into the future. It’s that simple. It works. And that’s what successful people do.



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