Attitude is still the King

Cash is King; Information is King; Elvis is…ok.

Tom Hopkins says:

Studies have proven that attitude is one of the traits that separate average salespeople from their highly-successful colleagues. I have to believe that it’s true in life in general, not just sales. Think about the happiest, most successful people you know. How do you usually find them? Are they depressed, negative or even apathetic? I doubt it. They’re probably upbeat, smiling and positive about life.

It just keeps coming up Aces when you talk about the value of Attitude in your life, your business, your relationships. I talk to 100’s of business owners each month. Attitude has been creeping into the conversation with each of them. Politics?…maybe. Fear of the unknown?…probably. But the ones I meet with who are trying to achieve are doing a pretty good job. I’ll keep reporting to you. Attitude just seems to be winning on so many fronts. Look up my book for more help: Breakthroughs for Success. It’s on Amazon. Thanks, Ed


One Response to “Attitude is still the King”

  1. Les Colegrove Says:

    Attitude is everything my brother – Always has been and most likely always will be.

    You got a problem with that MFer? No, I didn’t think so.

    Les Colegrove

    Tampa, FL, USA 33614

    813.230.9667 – Verizon

    813.830.3200 – AT&T



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