4 Advantages of Setting Goals

Prepare for Success. In 2012 a sole proprietor client increased their revenue by $100k; a small business grew by over $50k. Doing these activities.

1. The first great advantage is that your subconscious mind begins to work under a universal law: “What the mind can conceive and believe—the mind can achieve.” Because you visualize your intended destination, your subconscious mind is affected by this self-suggestion. It goes to work to help you get there.

2. Because you know what you want, there is a tendency for you to try to get on the right track and head in the right direction. You get into action.

3. Work now becomes fun. You are motivated to pay the price. You budget your time and money. You study, think, and plan. The more you think about your goals, the more enthusiastic you become. And with enthusiasm your desire turns into a burning desire.

4. You become alerted to opportunities that will help you achieve your objectives as they present themselves in your everyday experiences. Because you know what you want, you are more likely to recognize these opportunities.

These are borrowed from Napoleon Hill. I’m spending today building my 90-day and 360-day plan for 2013. Give it a try. It works…it’s easy to do. Take a look at my book, Breakthroughs for Success and see how this has paid off for clients.


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2 Responses to “4 Advantages of Setting Goals”

  1. Patrick McFadden Says:

    There is something magical that happens when you write down your goals. I have seen people transform their levels of success almost instantly simply as a result of getting clearly defined and written goals. There is considerable evidence to indicate that expectations of your future do, in fact, tend to create your future. People usually end up pretty much where they expect.


    • edgideoncoach Says:

      Thanks Patrick I appreciate your comments. So very true. Let’s keep telling others about it and maybe some good things can happen for everyone. Ed

      Edward N. Gideon Coach of Businesses & Executives, Author, Speaker Breakthroughs for Success in Action P.O. Box 441, Pinehurst, NC 28370 Blog: edgideoncoach.wordpress.com Main: 910-215-5784 Fax: 336-545-4141 Cell: 336-255-0740 Website: http://www.edgideon.com Email: ed@edgideon.com


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