Doing a good job is good,… doing more and in a great way is the way to success. 

Commitment to a vision,  Goals. Focus. Are there degrees of commitment? Probably.

–Are we committed until something better comes along? –Do we commit to losing weight until we drive by Dunkin Donuts?–Is commitment the thing that makes us “Go the Extra Mile?” –Do we commit to doing the hard yards when the easy ones seem to be so …EASY? –Are we committed enough to find a solution when everyone around us is telling us “it can’t be done”? –Are we committed to trying again and again after things haven’t gone our way?!

You know the story about chicken and pig in commitment? At breakfast the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed!! It defines the difference between commitment and participation.

Commitment is being passionate enough to succeed. Not procrastinating and delaying decisions. It also encourages timely communication.

But it’s not something we simply put a check mark beside, then move on to watching TV. It’s an all-time thing, every day. And, it’s easy.


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