Another word on Commitment

Enthusiasm and commitment are contagious.

We’ve witnessed that.

–At the Ryder Cup in 2012 even though the US lost, the enthusiasm of the participants was palpable.

–Who hasn’t cheered at the effort of the gymnasts in the Olympics.

–When was the last time you watched your 9 year old child or grandchild playing a team sport and enjoy their all-out, enthusiastic approach to the game.

–How about Fred Smith at FedEx? Not only was he told by his college professor that the concept wouldn’t work, he had trouble finding  employees and investors who believed his concept. Giving up would have been easy in the beginning. On the first night of business in Memphis when they unloaded the 14 planes he had 12 packages. 2 more planes than packages.

Tonight they will handle millions of packages, all over the world. 

Being committed to our vision requires effort and ACTION. It is easy to quit.

We need to remind ourselves that the sand from our hourglass is running. We don’t want to wait for the next hour, the next day, or the next week. We need to push ourselves towards the things we want.

And we can start NOW.

Doing a good job is good,… doing more and in a great way is the way to success.


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