How Long Do I Work on a Goal

Til it’s achieved? “Til I’m satisfied?

In Breakthroughs for Success I tell you the story of Scott who set a goal to achieve a high level of earnings in his sole proprietorship business. He earned about $700,000 at the writing. It took him 3 years to get there.

I set a goal 4 years ago which is just now being achieved. (Jan. 2013) So, the question I want us to explore has two parts: how long do I work on a Goal and when do I know it has been achieved?

Part I: Answer, as long as it takes you to achieve it. With total clarity and focus you’ll get there. Opportunities will come and go if both of those are missing. Three months ago a client mentioned something to me and the light bulb went off. That was the idea/solution I was seeking in order to make my Goal happen. If  I had not had total clarity and focus on what I wanted I promise you the client’s casual statement would have been ignored.

Part II: Answer, some goals may have a definable end. Some (many) morph into another Goal or additional pursuit. Kind of a side road. I suggest you embrace it and go explore the side road. Might lead to a hidden gold mine.


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