Income:Productivity, Pretty Closely Related

Maybe more than just close. It my be old news to you, but I am firm now on the issue of “Time Management” and why so many of us struggle with it. The issue is not that “oh, woe is me, I just have too much to do”. This issue is between the ears and all the distractions we allow into our day. Bad habits, procrastination, multi-tasking are among the biggest predators out there. You need an examination if you think multi-tasking is an asset. Try this: set 3 goals for this year, write them on a piece of paper, then write the things you have to do to achieve them. Focus on them daily; turn off your email except for 3x daily, limit message checking on your phone, and make calls on people who can bring you more business.

In 30 days you’ll see a dramatic jump in your Productivity.


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