Change Can Be a Key to Your Success

Look for Change, Seek It

Change is simply a part of today’s business climate. Those employees who embrace and initiate change will thrive, while those who complain and fear change may be headed for the unemployment line. Employers feel strongly about the need to have employees who are successful change agents for their team and their organization as a whole.

What is a “change agent?” An agent is someone who represents the interests of another person or organization, and his or her job is to take care of business and make sure everything goes smoothly. A change agent helps take care of an employer’s business by facilitating change. Where do you fit: Are you a change agent for your organization? Can others count on you to make sure things go smoothly? Do you continue to take care of business in the midst of change?

Change can be good, a positive step. Dont’ be the  one who assumes a change is negative or bad.

(Connie Podesta published this in an article. I felt it contained solid, direct guidance.)


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