7 Roadblocks to Success

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

Keep our eyes open to bumps in the road that are really sink holes. It’s not that the daily grind is a dire situation. It’s just a good idea to be aware of things we can do to ourselves to slow our progress toward the success we seek. So here are a few of those things. Keep a sharp eye open for them.

1. FEAR. Confront whatever it is. Most of the time it’s a boogie man that really doesn’t exist.

2. Lethargy. Take Action. Get moving.

3. Lack of Perseverance. Don’t quit. When we start the season, then finish it. What if your favorite team quit in the 4th quarter when they were too far behind to win.

4. Pessimism. It’s easy to be negative. Takes absolutely no effort, no intelligence, no guts.

5. Not taking responsiblity. Blame everyone but yourself? Come on.

6. Choice of friends. If you wrap the other 5 into one package this could be part of the problem/solution. Get away from negative, non-productive, non-doers.

7. No Vision. Clarity and Focus on your Goals will propel us to the success we seek.

(adapted from an article by Chris Widener)


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