Two Roads

Choose Wisely When Facing…Life

Today I am compelled and honored to share excerpts from an email that was sent to Roy Spence, my college roommate. Roy is more than a successful businessman. As you read these comments from someone who sent this to Roy, you will see what I mean. Roy delivered a strong message. It was heard by this person whose family has several challenges to face. I want to share it with you.


Back in the Spring of 2010, I had the great pleasure of hearing an incredible speech by Roy Spence, co-founder of GSD&M Advertising Agency in Austin. His speech was about purpose, and it made a tremendous impact on me both professionally and personally. He defined purpose as being: “when your core talents intersect with the needs of the world and those around you – therein lies your purpose, therein lies your calling”.  

Roy wrapped up his speech by talking about Robert Frost being right – “there are two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler….” Roy went on to say that on the road you choose, you become what you look for: “If you look for ENEMIES, you will find them. If you look for HATE, it will live in your heart. If you look for GOSSIP, it will consume you. If you look for FEAR, it will follow you. On another road, if you look for FRIENDS, you will be befriended. If you look for LOVE, it will lift you up. If you look for TRUTH, it will set you free. And if you look for HOPE, it will take you to higher ground.” That has stuck with me, and Jen and I continue to choose the second road. Faith, Hope, and Love are three things that God gave us – the greatest being LOVE.


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