21 Rules from Breakthroughs for Success

Getting from Good to Better to Great

  1. Be on time. It shows respect for yourself as well.
  2. You are always having a great day. Remember where you live.
  3. Say something positive to everyone you meet, every day.
  4. Be known and respected as an advisor.
  5. ‘How are you’ is a greeting, not a question.
  6. Educate yourself. Learn from successful people. Read their books.
  7. Dress up. Look like you are in business, not on break.
  8. Groom yourself. Linger in the mirror.
  9. Eating less is a virtue, pay attention to your health.
  10. Shine your shoes. Don’t use a chocolate bar.
  11. Shake hands like you are awake. It is your bond, your word.
  12. In a conversation look the other person in the eye.
  13. Carry/use breath mints. Please.
  14. Stop an injustice.
  15. Be courteous. When driving, dining, speaking, always.
  16. Speak half your mind, and only after the other person has departed.
  17. Don’t miss a chance to make someone feel special, needed or loved.
  18. Finish it today, tomorrow’s calendar is already full.
  19. Two ears, one mouth. Keep the proportion.
  20. Work hard, be honest and have success as a goal. Dreams matter.
  21. Live like you will live forever, knowing you may die tomorrow.

Ed Gideon     910-215-5784/336-255-0740

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