Life Lessons from the Renaissance

Top 10 Life Lessons from Michelangelo’s David and they aren’t just about a statue!!

3)     You can adopt a project that originally belonged to someone else and make it 100% your own through both your passion and your unique inventiveness.  Michelangelo’s “David” began its life as the work of Agostino di Duccio. What a loss for the world if Michelangelo had not taken the unfinished work of di Duccio to form the timeless, classic, heart speaking “David”. Are there any intriguing, unfinished projects abandoned by a colleague, friend or family member that you would like to take on as your own?


4)     Craft your life and your life work with the people you live with (or in terms of a business or project, the reader, participant, audience, student) at the forefront of your mind.  The eyes of “David” are not formed anatomically correct: they are actually looking in directions that are not possible for human eyes to simultaneously look.  Michelangelo knew that when people looked at his work “from profile” they would see one profile and one eye, and when they looked from the other side, they would see the other side….which would look more impressive with the eye peering slightly differently.  Not a huge tweak, and not noticeable unless you are eye to eye with the sculpture, which is physically impossible unless on scaffolding.  It is almost like the Special Effects in today’s movies.  What tiny tweaks, special effects, would attract and engage people with your life and work?

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