Life Lessons from the Renaissance

Top 10 Life Lessons from Michelangelo’s David and they aren’t just about a statue!!

5)     Your life and work may bring about different meanings for different people.  For some scientists, “David” is an amazing study of human anatomy.  To others, it is a study of the human emotions. Some Art Historians note there is anger in David’s expression.  Others say the work is sculpted in his moment of decision to enter battle, so he looks expectant.    What would a scientist say about your life and work? What about an artist?  How about a child?


6)     When your life and work is at appealing to a wide audience and it gains fame and notoriety, other people will capitalize on both you and the project. Reproductions of “David” are available in many forms. Even garden sculptures are available for purchase.  You can perch David right next to your roses or daffodils or cactus if you choose to do so.  What might people choose to capture about your life or work to launch their business?


7)     Michelangelo crafted “David” in response to his patriotic love for his home city of Firenze (Florence).  The sculpture whispered “Freedom” into his ears, as his city had recently become free.  What in your life or work is whispering “Freedom” to you?  How can you take that raw, heartfelt emotion and use it as a component of your work, project and/or life?  Do you feel a sense of patriotism for your home? How can people observe your expression of patriotism?


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