Top 10 Life Lessons from Michelangelo’s David and they aren’t just about a statue!!

8)     The sheer physical size of “David” is amazing: beyond words, really.  To say “Larger than life” is almost amusing…except there is no other way to express it!  In what ways does your work, life or project have a “larger than life” feeling to it?  How does this inspire you?  If you feel fear in relationship to the largeness of it, how can you step away from that emotion and get grounded in the sheer joy of it rather than the fear of it?


9)     It took Michelangelo 3 years to complete “David”.  Are you committed to a big project in your life enough so you can allow three years to pass from start to completion?  Expecting a masterpiece to be crafted with microwave speed is simply not always a possibility. How can you remain open and committed to the time it takes to create a masterpiece?


10)     “David” was borne from Michelangelo’s vision and passionate action to transform that vision from his own experience to a tangible experience for all.  His famous words about his work are “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”.  What vision are you seeing that is waiting for your special touch and guidance to set it free?  What passionate action are you willing to take to set it free?


A work of art can teach us, reach us, in ways we don’t always notice at first glance.  May “David” inspire you to think differently, live “transformatively,” and create fearlessly.

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