Four of 10 Things You Can Do to Foster a Culture of Innovation and Creativity…

Could they influence Change, Productivity, Attitude?

 1.      Live in the possibility.  Know that every problem has many possible solutions. Stand in the belief that you and your team can find a better way to do anything you put your minds to.  Practice CANI—Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.

2.      Always question what you do and why you do it.  All too often tasks and projects creep into our processes that aren’t necessarily in keeping with our mission and purpose.  Make sure everything you do is in alignment and produces the results intended.

3.      Challenge long-held beliefs. Just because something’s always been done a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s still the best way.  As Anthony D’Angelo said, ‘Just because something is tradition doesn’t make it right.’

4.      Don’t accept the first solution right away.  There are many possible solutions to every problem.  Most people go with the first plausible one that comes up and they miss the value of thinking longer and finding more effective and elegant answers.


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