Three More of 10 Things You Can Do to Foster a Culture of Innovation and Creativity…

Other areas of Business, Life these can affect?

  1. 1.      Read. You can’t learn less.  The more you know about something, the more you find that you DON’T know.  By adding to your knowledge base, you find more and more associations.  And making associations is where seemingly magical things happen.

2.      Have fun. Coming up with ideas on how to do things faster, easier, with fewer resources really is fun.  And things that are fun to do get done more often.  Schedule regular brainstorming sessions and practice green-light thinking.  Order pizza for lunch and focus on a problem or process and generate as many ideas as you can.

3.      Get around people in different industries.  By stepping out of your familiar territory, you open the door to new and different viewpoints you can use to your advantage.


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