Final 3 of 10 Ways to Creativity

Change, Grow, Create and more…

  1. 1.      Challenge your team to look deeper.  When Henry Ford asked his engineers to design the V-8 engine, they said it couldn’t be done.  He said it WILL be done—and eventually, they did it.

2.      Make sure you have adequate ‘moodling’ time—time to do nothing.  When we’re constantly engaged in DOING things, we don’t provide the fertile ground for ideas to take root.

3.      Charge your subconscious. Give your mind something to work on while you sleep.  Select a problem you want solved, a process you would like improved or a new product you would like to create before going to bed and then forget about it.  Tell yourself you want at least three elegant ideas by the next day and then expect to receive them. Trust that it works.



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