Multi-Tasking Isn’t !!!

Where ever that term has its origins, it needs to return. It’s pure b.s. You may juggle several assignments, you may engage in breathing and looking at a bird, but you may NOT multi-task. Can’t do it. Isn’t happening. Won’t work. Isn’t productive!!!

The brain is not capable of multi-tasking. Can’t do it. Talking on a cell phone while driving is like driving drunk. Your reaction time is impaired. The brain Switches between tasks, it does not do two at once. It is a sequential processor. Large fractions of seconds are required switch between focal points and that is the reason for large numbers of wrecks with knotheads on their cell phones. Hang up and drive.

All of your cell phone, email, internet, MySpace, Instant Messaging is pure distraction. Research shows you are dumber while switching around in tasks than if you were stoned on weed. Your IQ is lower than when smoking. So when you are always online and always connected you are always distracted. Translation: You are NOT productive!!

So, if you or your company is always connected your numbers probably show it. Chances are you have significant challenges with time, team and money.


(Brain Rules from Dr. John Medina)


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